About NSRT

NSRT (Never the Same River Twice)

Isn’t just about river rafting, it’s about a lifestyle where exploration of the world around you is key. One of the reasons river rafting and other adventure sports are so loved is that each time someone goes on a trip, it is a unique experience even if it’s the hundreth time on that river.

Living Life the NSRT way

Have you ever seen someone say, “man that guy does the same thing every day I’m so jealous of his life.” No. It is the people who go off to see castles in Europe, and cliff jump in Hawaii that inspire awe when we hear those stories. Its people that travel to remote beaches and eat exotic meals, living life to the fullest that make us think. Maybe I will have to plan something like that.

The NSRT Way isn’t about not having stability but finding adventures in your everyday surroundings. So you live in an area with ‘nothing to do?’ How much do you really know about that area. Have you walked around and found streams or lakes nearby? Seen the local historic architecture? Gone on a ghost tour or local wildlife tour?

There are so many neat and interesting things to do that we don’t have to travel across the world to go experience. Live the NSRT way.